Woman who fell asleep outside bar suffers horrific frostbite injuries


An Australian woman has suffered severe frostbite injuries after she got so drunk she fell asleep outside a Canadian bar in the middle of winter.

The unidentified woman, who shared photos of her painful injuries on imgur, admits she was ‘f***ing stupid’ following the drunken incident in December at Prince Albert in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The woman, who lived in NSW but moved to Canada four years ago, says she was ‘blackout drunk’ when she lost her friends and was last seen at a bar about 2.30am.

She told her friends she was going to have a cigarette before vanishing into the minus 30 degree Celsius temperatures without her jacket and gloves.

She was found outside a nursing home curled in a ball trying to sleep three hours later and her fingers were already notably purple.

‘It was 5.45am when I was found. At 6.30 a nurse told me that best case scenario I keep my fingers… worst case I lose my hands,’ she said.

The woman was treated in hospital over several days and said medical staff all wanted to check out her ‘sweet blisters’ and find out how long an Australian could withstand the cold.

Her specialist Dr Randall Friesen – which she claims is a pun for Dr Freezin – told her her fingers would blister and swell before they could be popped a few days later.

‘The pain and pressure at this point was verging on unbearable. I was taking opiates the whole time… frostbite recovery is pretty well known for its pain,’ she said.

‘My next visit with Doc Freezin he was wearing an apron and a face mask with a plastic shield over his head.

With my hand over a metal tray, he cut my blisters with a scalpel. Puss went everywhere. I think I even got the hospital curtains.’

She said after a few minutes her finger deflated and she was left with raw skin. Frostbite 2

Her hands are in the process of healing and she can use them again, but her specialist is still concerned about her left pinky and right middle fingertip.

‘I won’t find out until June. If I lose them I want to make a sweet, custom made prosthetic,’ she said.


Source: Dailymail


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