Woman escape’s after being chained on the neck for two years


A 22-year-old woman who was chained on the neck to a desk and kept as a slave for more than two years has told of her terror.

Beaten and abused, Zunduri (not real name) was forced to iron clothes for 12 hours a day and allowed one meal by her brutal captors.

Her neck is scarred and she has cuts and bruises all over her body where she was punished by the family holding her captive.

Zunduri who is now recovering from her ordeal in hospital said: “I was tortured. There is no part on my body without scars.

“I want them to pay for every tear, every pain, every blow for everything I have had to suffer”.

“My life plan is to live. I want to be pastry chef, I want to live, I want to recover all the years I have lost.”

“Just call me Zunduri, it’s Japanese.

“A friend of mine is named like that. It means beautiful girl”.

Shocked detectives arrested five people, including her sisters.

The incident, which has stunned locals, happened in Mexico City, the Mexican capital.

Doctors say Zunduri, who has anaemia, was tortured and she has a body more like an old age pensioner.

She told police she got so hungry she would eat the polythene packaging on the garments she had pressed.

If she stopped work for a rest she was beaten with a wrench, a tie and other instruments causing her multiple injuries.

Her back was also burned with an iron.

Police said that when Zunduri started with the family they gave her a room and paid her but when she was accused of stealing things in the house, they stopped paying, chained her up and beat her constantly.

She finally managed to escape when the family did not chain her up properly and she fled the dry cleaning premises.

The owners of the business could face up to 40 years in prison.



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