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A Romanian Bodyguard makes so much money in UK

A Romanian, Petre Craete, posted pictures of himself naked in a bath full of cash and he claims he earned all the money in just four hours.

He who moved to England to become a bodyguard has boasted he has more money than he can spend and filmed himself showering in bundles of £20 notes.

He rose to become  a celebrity client bodyguard within months, between 2011 to 2012 he was the bodyguard to former cage fighter Alex Reid.

He added: 'The reality is that I've got so much money I don't know where to put it. It's enough to make you cry, in Romania I never had any money and now I have so much I can't even carry at all. I wouldn't be able to walk if I tried to stuff it in my trouser pocket.

VID: Romanian Boasts About It Raining Money In the UK

The bodyguard showering himself in money /photo credit via Daily Mail

He earned his nickname The Redneck with a Maserati after was spotted driving one of the top of the range cars and living in a penthouse in the UK. Petre has since been posting pictures of himself driving expensive car and living in a VIP apartment

Drawing attention of people who  claimed that the expensive car's he drive's belongs to one of his employers and neither does the house belongs to him.

He responded his critics with a video where  he said: 'I have a tip for my critics, if you come London buy an umbrella because it rains a lot. As every British person knows it's bad luck to open the umbrella inside a house, so I won't do it, and in my house it only rains with money anyway.'

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