UK to kick out non EU graduates

FOREIGN students in UK would be kicked out of the country when their courses ends under tough rules being drawn up by Home Secretary, Theresa May.

According to Sunday Times The home secretary wants a future Conservative government to “move towards zero net student migration” by sending home those who come to Britain on student visas.

The plan is likely to bolster May’s support from the Tory right amid a feud between her closest aides and Conservative high command.

In a move that will be seen as an attempt to burnish her credentials as a future leader, May is demanding that the party’s next manifesto include a pledge to force non-EU students to leave the UK and apply for a fresh visa from abroad. At the moment most students switch easily to a work visa.

Mrs May has repeatedly clashed with Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable – whose department has responsibility for universities – about foreign students as he claims that tough rules could discourage them from choosing to study here.

A senior Lib Dem source said her plan could deprive the UK of highly-skilled graduates.

However many Twitter user are furious  over the announcement of the UK new immigration plan  introduced by the UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, the plan which will see Non European Union students to re-apply for visas from abroad if they wish to continue their studies or work in the UK after graduation.


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