Two Girls Beat A Woman Named Angela Wrightson To Death In Her Home

Two teenage girls beat a UK woman to death in her home a court has heard. The girls inflicted more than 100 injuries on the victim body named Angela Wrightson.

The two girls names withold for legal reasons used different types of weapons a shovel, a computer printer, kettle, metal pan, glass ornament, television set and coffee table to carry out the attack.

She was stripped naked from the waist down and dirt had been spread around her private parts, it was claimed.

Angela Wrightson was murdered in her home
Angela Wrightson was murdered in her home with several injuries inflicted on her by two teenage girls

Angela Wrightson is said to have repeatedly begged the girls to stop but all to no avail.

“The evidence at the scene of the crime showed that she had been assaulted on 12 separate locations within and around that room. A number of implements were used.”

The prosecution also said shards of glass and pieces of gravel or grit were strewn over and around Wrightson’s genitalia and ash from burned paper was shoved in her ear. The girls, now 14 and 15, deny the charges.


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