The Shocking Moment Large Leopard Attacked An Indian Man

Shocking moment an Indian wildlife expert and conservationist Sanjay Gubbi, was attacked by a large male leopard. The incident took place in an International school in Kundalahalli in the Indian city of Bangalore.

Mr Sanjay Gubbi was trying to help other officials in the school catch the leopard who had escaped from the school building to the swimming pool outside. But unknowingly to him the leopard rushed towards him grabbed him and sinks its claws and teeth into the side of his arm and shoulder.

He only survived after he used a pair of binoculars to beat back the big cat and prevent further injury
The shocking moment the Leopard grabbed Mr Sanjay Gubbi

The scientist was forced to fight for his life by hitting the leopard with binoculars as the leopard tried to overpower him near the swimming pool. Officials of the Forest Department and the police were finally able to give the leopard a tranquilizer shot after almost 14 hours of battle.


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