Terrorism: Abuja Bomb Blast suspect not a free man- FG

The Federal Government has explained why court struck out the case involving Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche, the Nyanya bomblast alleged mastermind.bomb Blast

Speaking on the issue, the coordinator of the National Information Center (NIC), Mr Mike Omeri, said the prosecution was discontinued because the accused was not meant to appear to court when he did.

When ‘lack of diligent prosecution’ was brought to his attention as the reason why court struck the case out by journalists, he clarified the matter saying that he Ogwuche was not due to appear in court when he did.

But he was arraigned to satisfy the Sudanese Authorities, who demanded that the suspect be arraigned as a process of extradition.

Ogwuche was arrested by the Sudanese authorities aftermath of the Bomb attack that killed over 70 people in Abuja. Mr omeri further added that the suspect is still in custody and investigation is still ongoing, soon the accused involvement in the attack will be ascertained.



One thought on “Terrorism: Abuja Bomb Blast suspect not a free man- FG

  1. federal Government should free this man and his life, why still threatening him that he is still not a free man after he was release for a crime he did not commit?. I think they would not have release him since they think he is not a free man, if I’m this man I will move go into exile.

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