Nigerian troops inflict heavy toll on the militia, kill 50 in Konduga

No fewer than 50 militants breathed their last air when the Nigerian troops exchanged greetings with them in Konduga, Borno state. Konduga, the central part of the state is just about 21 miles from the capital. The news also has it that another 10 members of the destructive sects were captured alive.

A man who escaped from the scene told newsmen, “The Nigerian troops were prepared so as not to be taken by surprise at all, and good enough, when the militia struck, they were routed by the military and about 50 of them lay dead and their bodies were scattered everywhere in Konduga”

The residents said that the sect stormed the area in large numbers but were overpowered by the military.

Boosting their confidence, a military source expressed great confidence and said  “whatever be their number, it would always be better for them to remain in their hiding places because even if they arrived ten times stronger, we are ready for them; We will always kill them”. He assures the residents.


One thought on “Nigerian troops inflict heavy toll on the militia, kill 50 in Konduga

  1. What type of military command is in this country
    now . military repels attack by boko is that
    supposed to be news and cheer Nigerians up ?
    Responding when it can ? Can’t we recall our
    retired commanders to take charge of soldiers
    that are in the battle field , as obviously babies
    in uniform interested only in stealing military
    budget with the politicians can’t do the job.

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