Local hunters to redirects their guns in Adamawa state.

As part of the effort to fortify the troubled areas in the state, the Adamawa  government has agreed to deploy the services of the local hunters.
Adamawa state decided to take that direction in order to liberate the towns that were captured by the insurgents.To do this, the government is to enlist the services of 10,0000 local hunters, vigilantes, and civilian JTF.

The state has agreed to train the local hunters to change their focus from that of the animals to that of humans who has been acting like the animals instead. The spokesman to the governor ,Mr. P.P. Elisha disclosed this on Monday shortly after an emergency meeting with the security chiefs in the state.

He made it clear that no fewer than 10,0000 hunters would be enlisted in the scheme as members of the local vigilante to fortify the towns and aid the security forces in dislodging the Islamist sect, Boko-Haram.

The group would properly be addressed to as “Civilian JTF” he said, and saddled with the responsibilities of assisting the law enforcement agencies in their jobs of providing security to the society. he however reiterated that this does not give them license to take laws into their hands by harassing or arresting innocent members of the society.

“It is only the law enforcement agencies that have the mandate to arrest or detain suspected criminals or the Boko Haram sect or armed Robers.

The rumors making the rounds that local hunters and civilian JTF assisting the Nigerian troops had withdrawn in the operation, was dispelled by the governor. Helping the the people to get things rightly, the governor said “It was not so, what really happened is that they were asked to retreat instead of being on the front lines considering the all air raids by the air force. their services have been a tremendous one and that prompted the government to explore ways of cushioning their hardship,” Elisha said.

He called on the people to cooperate with the JTF to wipe out the insurgents in their state.


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  1. Am sure with the rate of the attacks they really need to gather every possible and useful hands at least with the locals involve the armies will have a better info and strategies to stop these maniacs

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