Fulani Herdsmen killed about 32 Nasarawa Villagers

It was not a good sunday to the village people of Eggon at Arikya-Soni in Lafia East Development Area of Nasarawa State. Eye witness reports that about 3pm on sunday, villagers who were returning from their farm were ambushed by suspected Fulani herdsmen who armed with Ak-47 rifles, killing no fewer than 32 people.

The killers took possession of the victms motorcycles (about 9 of them) and ran away. Meanwhile, the dead have been buried in their respective villages- Umme, Arugbadu and Bakyano amid anguish of family and friends.

When interviewed by journalists, Arugbadu resident, Habibu Mohamed, said that  he was returning from farm with his parents when Fulani herdsmen opened fire on them.

All the measures taken by government so far to curb the incessant violence of Fulani herdsmen seem to yield no result.


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