Emergency rule divides Senate

The extension of emergency rule in three northern states, Adamawa, Borno and yobe proposed by president Goodluck jonathan has suffered setback.

Northern senators have vowed never to approve it, arguing that it does not make any sense. Since the presence of soldiers in Northeast states has not stopped Boko Haram terrorists from operating.

Boko+Haram+alshabab11The recent capture of many towns in the North has thrown people to fear. It could be recalled that it was through the help of local vigilante that some of those towns were liberated.


In the light of these facts, Northern leaders are mobilizing local hunters and vigilante to help liberate other Boko Haram captured towns. That means, the people don’t depend on soldiers for safety anymore.



2 thoughts on “Emergency rule divides Senate

  1. Like the Bible tells me “DON’T DEPEND ON ANYBODY ” I think since the soldiers are now oveepowered by the boko haram I think the local hunters should come out and fight for their life’s, don’t depend on anybody in this world

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