More cassualties emerge from Damaturu attack

Details continues to emerge from yesterday’s Boko Haram failed attempts to dominate Damaturu Yobe state.

Though the insurgent did not succeed in occupying the area but it was not without casualties as the latest information has it that among those killed were two promising young doctors who just graduated from the University of Maiduguri barely four years ago.

The reports has it that they were killed at a close range in their quarters on Gujba Road yesterday.

Dr. Hassan Lawan and Dr. Mansur Babale were among the six soldiers and over 30 policemen that met their death in the hands of the attackers on Monday.

Their bodies has been deposited at General Sani Abacha Specialist Hospital, Damaturu.

Regrettably, a source that spoke with the newsmen said that “Boko Haram has no boundaries as to who it kills,-and-no respect for persons who provide humanitarian services to the sick”

As more horrifying reports continue to emerge from different parts of the country and beyond, a man was quoted as saying that “the lives of these Sect meant nothing to them, how much more that of others irrespective of whether they are men or women, young or old”

Just as the press release had it that some among the sect might still be in the village mixing up with people, the security forces should indeed be proactive as no one knows when they are likely to strike again and this time around may be more destructive than the one they unleashed to both security forces and civilians on Monday.

A top security source disclosed that “the battle is not yet over, as there are suspicions that some of the terrorists might have melted into the community to hide or for other ulterior motives.”

Whatever reasons they might have for waging this unending war for, still remain a mystery to an average man on the street and in fact to the confused relatives of those who have fallen victims.

A students' hostel in Yobe state destroyed in a Boko Haram gun and explosives attack









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