Cameroonian soldiers kill 180 suspected Boko Haram militants


The news reaching us has it that Cameroonian soldiers have killed at least 180 militants suspected to be members of the dreaded Boko Haram sect in the northern part of the country.

This news was first made available around 8pm on Thursday night by a Chinese news agency, Xinhua. It was reported that the insurgents were killed during confrontations with the Cameroonians at Amchide, an area bordering Nigeria.

The news has it that about 400 militants allegedly attacked the defense and the security forces when they lost close to 200 of their members. The source said there was no casualty on the Cameroon side.

This attack is coming nearly two months after 200 suspected Boko Haram militants met their death at Amchide and Limani, another part of northern Cameroon.

Since then the Cameroonians has not relented their on their close watch in the area but instead, have strengthened their positions in the north by increasing their personnel to over 6,000.

The sects has continued their exploits in many northern cities in Nigeria, but has lately been meeting some severe resistances by the Nigerian troops which has not given them much breathing space.

The news has it the some days back, that the Nigerian troops have captured the sects hit list while killing a good number of them at Hildi in northern part of Nigeria. The Nigerian troops has continuously called on the residents in the area to report any suspicious faces and strange movements in their areas, as that would help curb the sects as some of them may probably be lurking around the areas they were routed from.


Just yesterday, another deadly twin bomb blasts suspected to be from the sect occurred in Jos killing over 30 persons and injuring close to 50 persons. Nigerian government too is not resting on its oars, as the president is busy making some frantic efforts to equip the military for the big tasks on their hand.


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