Video: Brave old woman confronts ISIS militants telling them "It’s all forbidden"

An old woman recently filmed confronting ISIS telling them "It's all forbidden. I swear nothing you have done was in the way of God.

"Not one of you will win anything, not you or Bashar (Al-Assad, the president of Syria, which is fighting ISIS)

The two ISIS fighters were sitting in a car when the unidentified old woman approached them and pronounced a curse on them and their militant group, saying that they did not have God's backing as they thought.

The woman chooses to ignore the men's attempts to justify ISIS' brutality, however, and instead attacks their bloodthirsty savagery and accuses them of 'killing each other like donkeys'.

The militants soon begin to lose patience with the old woman and tell her to leave them alone. But the little old lady continue to confront them. She tells them sternly to stop the killings and bloodshed and to "turn back to God."

The men begin to mock the old woman. One of them responds to her call for peace, repeating an ISIS slogan, "We have come to you with slaughter."

But the woman continues to issue condemnation against ISIS, quoting the Koran.

The footage cuts out suddenly and we don't know what her fate was after her brave encounter with the militants.

Watch video below


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