Boko Haram will be defeated if Muslims unite- Sultan

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar Sa’ad III, has told news men that the war against Islamic insurgents, Boko Haram, needs more than Military action. He said the unity of Islam will enable successful combat against the extremists.

He therefore, called on all factions of Islam in Nigeria, to unite against the Terrorists.

He was speaking in the wake of explosion that killed over 200 worshipers at Kano Central Mosque. He added that it’s the responsibility of the government to protect the citizenry-

“I do not believe those perpetrating these are muslims because if they are muslims they are not professing what Islam teaches. In the world over it is the duty and responsibility of government to provide security for the citizenry. This is the time for all the various sects in Islam in this country to rally round one another and bring to an end insurgency in this country,”

The post 2014, Hajj conference gave the Sultan, the opportunity to call on Federal Government, and all stake holders to quicken their pace against Boko Haram.

The incessant attacks on innocent civilians by the extremists have resulted in over 2000 deaths since 2009.



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