Bauchi workers killed in bank bomb blast

Bauchi workers have been killed in a bank bomb blast.

Bomb explosion at first bank, Azare, Bauchi has killed many workers waiting to collect money from the bank.

Eyes witness has it that explosives were planted around the bank premises and went off as soon as the workers lined up to collect their pay.

About 13 people has been reported dead while over 41 were injured. According to eye witness, there were three ATMs in the area  which serves the people of Azare.

So, a lot of people come to that point to make cash withdrawal transaction. It was at such time that the twin explosions rocked the building and its surroundings.

The first one went off, and people started running towards the scene to help the victims when the second one heightened the tragedy.

The police spokesman, Mohamed Haruna has not confirmed the number of casualties.

It could be recalled that there has been another explosion in a busy garage in Azare the last two weeks that killed 12 people and injured 46.



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