A man catches his wife on bed with her professor on a surprise visit

What a double surprise! Chen, a businessman in Taiwan decided to pay a surprise visit to his wife at home in Zhanghua without telling her of his plans.

Chen who was working abroad in Vietnam, met a bigger surprise on getting home by catching his wife red handed with her professor cheating on him. Chen, who had prepared his camera with the hopes of recording his surprise reunion with his wife, now caught his wife on camera having an affair with another man, has no choice but kept up with the intended coverages even though not as planned.

Chen's wife had been going to school and recently completed her master's degree. She was pursuing her PHD, while her husband was away for business.

Unfortunately, her professor was interested in improving more than just her degree. The prof has been busy all the while improving all aspects of Chen's wife behind his back.

After she was caught cheating, Chen filed for divorce.  Consequently, Chen's wife dropped out of school, so she can focus on her divorce. Her former lover resigned from his position as a professor after the video of him sleeping with his married student was uploaded to the Internet.

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