Seven year old girl plane crash survivor, Sailor Gutzler wishes her family were sleeping

The seven year old girl who survived a plane crash wishes that her family were just sleeping police said.

According to Kentucky police,  “She indicated to us that she believed her family was deceased but that she hoped they were just sleeping,” Kentucky State Police Lt. Brent White said. “I was literally just struck by how calm she was able to be and the ability for her to give us this information.”

Police are saying that the girl Sailor Gutzler is suffering a broken bone in her wrist in the crash, White said.

He also said that the girl freed herself from the aircraft and walked about 15 to 20 minutes toward a light coming from the home of Larry Wilkins, who called 911 when she arrived.

“She navigated thick trees, briars, and bushes to get to the home,” White said. The cause of the incident is sketchy, but Marty Gutzler reported engine problems before losing contact with air traffic controllers.

A family friend described him as a very meticulous and knowledgeable pilot. Federal Aviation Administration records show that Gutzler was a certified flight instructor.


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