Samantha Lewthwaite “White widow” finally gunned down

Samantha Lewthwaite, also known as Sherafiya Lewthwaite is one of the world’s most wanted terrorists. Rumor has it that she was taken by a sniper on November, 12 2014.

White window, as she was nicknamed has played parts in major terrorists activities in Europe and Africa. She is the widow of London 7/7 suicide bomber, and has been instrumental to many attacks, helping terrorist whenever they need her.

Lewthwaite is an alleged member of the Somalia-based radical Islamic militant group Al-Shabaab. She has been accused of orchestrating grenade attacks at non-Muslim places of worship, and is believed to have been behind an attack on those watching football in a bar in Mombasa during Euro 2012.

Converted to Islam at the age of 17, White window has successfully followed the steps of her late husband until November 12, when the Russian news agency REGNUM reported that Lewthwaite had been killed by a separatist sniper in the Ukraine, where she had allegedly been fighting for the Ukrainian Airdar Battalion.


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