Russia warships pass through English Channel

Tension was created as Russian warships passed through the English channel en rout to an undisclosed location as initially thought.

While the Royal Navy described it as a “routine” movement, Nato has stepped forward to dismiss the reports by the Russian media that the ship was there to conduct military exercises.

Whatever the notion might be, report has it that the ships has been escorted out of the UK waters by Royal Navy warship. Nato has reported increased incursions by Russian military vehicles following months of tension over Ukraine.

A BBC analysts has simply described it as a sign of the times. stating that when Russian military are on the move, alarm bells ring. He said that this year alone, that there has been three times as many intercepts of Russian warplanes planes flying near the airspace of Nato countries compared to the previous year.

The UK Royal Navy and French Navy say that it is not unusual to have Russian warships transiting through the Channel. This is the route they has often choose to make their way to the Mediterranean. It was not a secrete mission but just their once in a while movements.

“Our information indicates that the ships are transiting and have been delayed by weather conditions,” spokesman Jay Janzen told the AFP news agency.


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