Police shot a pregnant woman in the eye!

A pregnant woman from St. Louis got her left eye blinded by a police officer who fired a non-lethal bullet within the filling station where she and her husband was taking gas on Tuesday, on the outskirts of Ferguson.

Her eye had already been removed according to her Facebook update. According to report by Mashable, "Dornnella Conner was sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle at a BP gas station on New Halls Ferry Road in St. Louis when the incident occurred"

Dornnella Conner -- Look every one I was not protesting I was in the car with my boyfriend getting gas and snacks and having a seat belt. I'm pregnant and looking to get home and the police pull up and block the car and shot me in my face. We did not took anything from the community, me and my boyfriend have jobs why would we take anything for anyone but now he as lost his job for getting lock up for nothing and I'll lose my job because I will never see again. So who ever that is saying bullshit about me and my boyfriend can miss me on that because you wasn't there when it happened. So get your story right because I have God on my side, and for those showing love, keep doing what you're doing because you guys keeping me going. For your all support and for those having something bad to say, you can block me and go find yourselves something to do than saying bullish that I don't want to hear. Have a good blessed day!

Conner's boyfriend, De'Angelas Lee, was reportedly driving the car out of the gas station when police opened fire.

Conner says he was trying to drive around the officers. However, police say he was driving toward them, and that the officer fired because he feared for his own safety, according to local media. The bean bag round hit and shattered the front passenger window.

Dornnella Conner who was sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle when police fired | Image via Facebook

Dornnella Conner who was sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle when police fired | Image via Facebook

"I didn't have any weapons, I wasn't looting or anything. I was just out with my boyfriend. We was just riding around respecting Mike Brown," she told local media outlet.

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1 Comment

  1. Ejinwa Anthony

    November 29, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    d police man should pay for damages and also support fee monthly, thats my judgement gbam!

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