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ISIS put cameras on guns to make killings look like a video

Depraved militants fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq are attaching high-definition cameras to the barrels of their guns in order to film barbaric executions in gruesome detail.

The shocking pictures were captured by the terror group's Tigris River branch, who are currently engaged in fierce battles with up to 30,000 Iraqi Army soldiers and Shia militia roughly 70 miles north of the ISIS-held city of Tikrit.

Still images from the video shows a group of blindfolded prisoners being forced to their knees while heavily armed militants line up behind them. The photographs then cut to the gun barrel cameras, which display in graphic detail the young men being shot to death from point blank range.

The unorthodox camera view and the use of HD equipment give the footage the appearance of a computer game and is just the latest example of ISIS attempting to portray their atrocities in a manner that could appeal to young men and women living in the West.

One jihadi stands behind each of the five victims, brandishing all manner of guns - from what appears to be small .9mm handguns to massive AK47 assault rifles.

According to Dailymail, At least one of these larger weapons has an HD camera attached and captures in gruesome detail the horrific moment a bullet hits one of the prisoner's head, causing blood and brains to spray into the air.

The next image is a close-up shot of the five victims lying in a pool of their own blood while bloodthirsty onlookers stand and cheer, raising their fingers in the air in a symbol of religious devotion.

The horrific images have been shared online by Arab-language supporters of the brutal terrorist group.
They show a group of men being dragged before a baying crowd of local men, who gather along a roadside and use mobile phones to film the shocking scene.
The victims - who wear Western-looking clothing and have their hands bound behind their backs - are forced to their knees by the bearded militants, who tower over them while wearing military fatigues.

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