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Meet The 26-Year-Old Korea Man Who Look Like A 10-Year-Old Boy

Meet 26-year-old Mr Hyomyung Shin, from South Korea who talks and look like a 10-year-old boy, short stature chubby cheeks and hairless soft skin.

Hyomyung Shin thinks and do everything a man of his age does hitting nightclubs on weekends, drinking alcohol and having a boogie on the dance floor but can't grow more than he is now because he is suffering from a rare disease called 'Highlander Syndrome', which prevents his body from physically aging and slowing his growth to almost a halt, Koreaboo reports.

People who meet him for the first time always mistakes him as a child but he is always force to bring out his identity card to prove he was born in 1989.

Mr shin

Mr Shin said he hasn't hit puberty and had a makeover in an attempt to look older but unfortunately, he still appeared young.

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