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How This Japanese PÖrn Actor Acts In Six PÖrn Movies Daily

Shimiken is known as the hardest working p-rn actor in Japan, he act in six p-rn movies a day. 35-year-old Shimiken haven't had a vacation in seven years. He has been working in the industry for 18 years and has featured in more than 7,000 films.

He is a strong man or you might call him 'Mr Magic' says Kevin O'Neal, a former p-rn actor and a current agent at Adult Talent Managers in Los Angeles. Japan p-rn industry is estimated at $20 billion and they churn out 6,000 new actresses a year, according to the author Atsuhiko Nakamura.

Demand is high Japan produces more than double the number of p-rn films as the U.S., though America has more than twice its population.

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