Japan pledges support for Nigeria development

Nigeria’s electricity got a boom on Monday, as Japan stated her support to electricity generation in the country with a grant of N1.9bn for the generation of solar electricity in Nigeria.

The country is also thinking seriously of $200m request from the federal government for power transmission project.

Mr.Ryuichi Shoji, Japanese ambassador to Nigeria, made this known at a news conference in Abuja on Monday, while he noted that the support to Nigeria was part of his nation’s Official Developmental assistance in conjunction with the 5th Tokyo International conference on African Development, a 1993 summit initiated by Japan to revive the interest of the international community in African development.

Japanese interest in Nigeria did not stop there, as their ambassador also stated that they are considering a plan for Nigeria’s automobile industry development and that of industrial human capacity development, and promised Nigeria that their presence in the country would soon double.

Other areas that would be of enormous interest and highly beneficial to the country were also touched.

These includes health facilities, Agricultural developments, primary school construction in Oyo state, and many more. A total sum of about $14 billion has been earmarked for these projects.

When asked about assisting the Country in the present issues with Boko Haram insurgency by means of arms, the envoy said that they do not export or import arms, noting that the content of its security policy goes against that.

The Japanese interest in the country is more of development, according to the envoy, their plan is to double whatever developmental projects they could lay their hands on.


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