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ISIS Beheads 3 Men Accused Of Spying For Iraqi Government

Blood runs on the streets of Iraq as ISIS executioners behead three men accused spying for the government

Islamic State fanatics have beheaded three men they accused of spying for the Iraqi Government in the latest bloody execution to be carried out ISIS within the organizations self-declared caliphate.

Photographs taken in north-west Iraq's Nineveh province show the men being read their charges and sentence while masked gunmen stand guard.

Forced to kneel with their heads bowed, an executioner then stands over them before striking at their necks with a sword.

Public beheadings, stonings and other barbaric forms of executions have become commonplace throughout ISIS' self-declared caliphate.

Stretching through large swathes of Iraq and Syria, the militants are attempting to enact a strict form of Sharia law, where crimes are commonly punished by death or physical mutilation.

In recent months, men accused of being gay have been thrown from rooftops, adulterers stoned to death, and thieves' hands chopped off.

It also comes amid new revelations the depraved militants are forcing captured Yazidi slave children to become jihadi soldiers and suicide bombers.

Extremists based in the terror group's strongholds of Raqqa in Syria and Tal Afar in Iraq stand accused of forcing young boys to attend terror training camps where are they groomed for war.

ISIS have long used child soldiers - known as Caliphate Cubs - both as frontline combatants and executioners - with a number of young boys having starred in the group's sickening murder videos.

Details of ISIS using Yazidi slave children as jihadi soldiers and suicide bombers were revealed by the Kurdish news agency Rudaw, who spoke with a Yazidi member of the Iraqi parliament named Sheikh Shamo.

'ISIS has established military training camps for the Yezidi children held by the group in the Syrian city of Raqqa and Tal Afar in Mosul,' the MP was quoted as saying.

'Over the past months, many Yezidi women, children and elders managed to escape in various ways and have arrived in the Kurdistan region, but we still believe more than 3,000 Yezidis remain in the hands of ISIS,' he added.

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