Indian army base targeted in Kashmir attack

Fighting broke out on Thursday as Pakistan and India leaders attended a regional summit aimed at boosting trade between the two populated regions.

According to the Indian army, A group of heavily armed men had at least killed three soldiers and four civilians. The soldiers were killed in the early morning attack while the civilians were gunned down in the crossfire, the report said.

Some report has it that the three soldiers were killed and that the “gunfight is still ongoing”.

So far, about ten people has been reportedly killed, including the the three soldiers.

A police official who spoke with the newsmen said that the gun battle started at about 8:47 am local time, when four rebels took their position in one of the abandoned army bunkers at Pindi Kathyaar, a working border that separates the south-western portion of Kashmir into India and Pakistan-administered Kasmir.

Prior to the recent chaos, we would recall that it has been series of unrest on the region since independence, way back in 1947, where it has been from one fighting to the other over densely Muslim populated Kasmir. This also calls to mind Muslim separatists that battled Indian forces back in 1989, it has all been from one accusation to the other among themselves.

Some civilians has reportedly fled from the troubled areas.


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