Groups In Pakistan Protest The Right To Kill Their Wives And Daughters

Hardcore Islamic groups in Pakistan are protesting the right to murder their wives and daughters if need arise after the Pakistani government introduced the Protection of Women Against Violence Bill.

The group attempted to block the legislation, saying it would “destroy the family system in Pakistan” and “add to the miseries of women”. Wives and daughters are often still treated as domestic property.

Honour killings, acid attacks, bride burning, child marriages, and $exual and domestic abuse are commonplace, yet these crimes are grossly under-reported.

The United Nation’s Gender Inequality Index puts Pakistan 147th in a list of 188 countries.

A 2014 report by the Aurat (Woman) Foundation, a women’s rights group based in Islamabad, said that every single day of the year, six women were murdered, six were kidnapped, four were raped and three committed suicide.


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