Former U.S. President George Bush Snr, hospitalized for shortness of breath

Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush Snr, 90, has been rushed to the hospital in Houston, Texas, on Tuesday night.

The former U.S president George Bush snr, was said to be experiencing shortness of breath, a spokesman for the 41st commander-in-chief said in a statement.

“The president has been made aware that President Bush was admitted to the hospital,” Schultz said. “President Obama and the first lady send their good wishes to the former president and the entire Bush family during this holiday season.”

The elder Bush served as vice president for eight years during Ronald Reagan’s two terms as president before being elected president himself, defeating former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, the Democratic nominee, in 1988.

Bush also served as a congressman, a U.N. ambassador, U.S. envoy to China and CIA director before becoming Reagan’s running mate in 1980 and a World War II veteran.


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