A Chinese man who specializes in stealing ladies underwear exposed

A man from Chinese who was said to have been stealing ladies’ underwear and stores them in the ceiling has been exposed after the emergency exit ceiling where he had been storing his hoard collapsed.

Report has is that the Chinese man, named Tang, have been having mental issues since he was young and that he did not know how long he had been obsessed with women’s undergarment. Tang, said “he uses master key to sneak into their apartments to steal the underwear when they are not in”.Stolen women's underwear are seen after being found hidden in the ceiling of a apartment building, in Yulin


Resident in the housing complex where Tang lived had complained about the mysterious vanishing of their undergarments, earlier this year another man was arrested Wenzhou for stealing 17 pairs of lingerie in just one day.

Police in the city of Yulin said they found more than 2,000 pieces of panties and bras in the roof where he had stuffed his collection, ladies are advised to lock their panties and bra that there are thieves who specializes in underwear’s snatching.

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