The £1.7 Billion Asia Business Park In London

This magnificent world class Asia Business Park in the heart of London, England is nearing it’s final stage to be completed in 2017. It is dubbed “The New Business Heart of London” and is capable to become the new business destination for all. The 35 acre real estate site was acquired at the Royal Albert Dock in 2013 in an extensive deal that worth over £1Billion.

Advanced Business Park (ABP) the real estate company that is charge of developing the Asia Business Park was founded as a company in China in 2003 by the current chairman of the company, Xu Weiping. Over the years, ABP has established a reputation for developing large scale enterprise districts, bringing together clusters of companies in one business district.

In May 2013, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson announced that ABP, had signed a £1bn deal to develop the 35 acre site with a complex of offices, residential apartments, and shops. The site is named and to be known as Asian Business Port which is aimed at the Asian companies wanting to set-up European headquarters, and is the largest investment by a Chinese company in the United Kingdom.

The Mayor said the development will be worth £6billion to the London economy. According to the Mayor, the facility will be built over 10 years in four phases, the project’s first phase will develop 600,000 square foot of offices and residential apartments and this is expected to be completed in 2017.

The opening is designed to coincide with the opening of Cross Rail, which will stop at nearby Custom House Station that is currently just on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) line.

We took a virtual tour of the facility and how it is going to look when completed and It is really wonderful. Below are some of the pictures that clearly illustrate and bring to live the real estate masterpiece.

Inside The Asia Business Park in The Royal Albert Dock, London | via ABP
Inside The Asia Business Park in The Royal Albert Dock, London | via ABP
Asia Business Park in Royal Albert Dock, London | Constative via ABP
The Asia Business Port in Royal Albert Dock, London | Constative via ABP

According to the FT.COM, the London eastern docklands are experiencing a wave of development after decades in the doldrums. Not just the current project by the ABP, there are number of high class development currently going there.

Irish developer Ballymore and Singapore company Oxley Holdings are building 3,400 homes in the area, while property entrepreneur Sir Stuart Lipton is building a hub for creative businesses in the area.

Developer Carillion Igloo Genesis won a competition to design the UK’s first floating village at the Royal Docks in May 2014, a plan Newham Council’s mayor Sir Robin Wales reportedly said would be a “yuppie ghetto”.

Sir Terry Farrell was the architect who designed the ABP master plan. He said: “Historically the trading heart of the capital, this development will reinstate the Royal Docks as a commercial and trading center for the 21st century.”

The plans include a new high street, eight new squares and a waterfront boulevard. We hope to tour the area in totality in 2017 when most of the projects would have been completed, at least it part.


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