A cargo ship capsized off Scotland today with 8 missing

A giant ship operated by a Germain shipping company which was carrying cement from a city in Denmark called Aalborg, to England’s west coast city of Runcorn, capsized today with 8 persons currently missing.

Another ship saw the ship capsized while passing by and called the attention of the coastguards who are now making efforts to rescue the missing persons. Seven of those missing are Polish, while the other one person is Italian.

 Yesterday, a car carrying cargo, Hoegh Osaka also ran aground in the Solent, off the Isle of Wight Sunday, throwing 24 person into the sea who were later rescued. The crew members of the Hoegh Osaka were taken to safety by a coastguard helicopter while the ship remained stranded on Bramble Bank, in the Solent between Southampton and the Isle according to Yahoo news.

Accidents do happens no matter how well prepared we are, this is my response to a Yahoo news commenter who reason behind the recent spades of ships capsizing ”

I know nothing about sailing of any kind so I ask this without any sentiment of accusation- With all of the modern navigation methods- sonar, radar, gps, etc. how does something like this happen? It seems like these stories of ships running aground are fairly regular and for what I assume are ships that cost 10’s or 100’s of millions I have to think every precaution is taken. Is it just that hazardous to navigate these channels?” he asked. Well, there is always the possibility of equipment malfunction.

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