Bali Nine killing: Brazilian Man final words ‘Oh no, am I being executed?’

The Brazilian man executed in Indonesia for drug trafficking who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder did not understand what was happening to him until his final moments, a priest assigned as his spiritual adviser told Australia’s ABC radio on Thursday.

Rodrigo Muxfeldt Gularte was among eight people convicted of drug offenses from several countries who were executed shortly after midnight Wednesday morning.

The Rev. Charlie Burrows, a local priest who accompanied Gularte in his final hours, thought he had prepared the Brazilian for the execution.

Gularte was calm as he was handcuffed by warders but became agitated when he was handed over to police outside the jail, who put leg chains on him, Burrows said.

“I thought he’d got the message he was to be executed but … when the chains started to go on, he said to me, ‘Oh, Father, am I being executed?’” Burrows said.


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