Woman Crushed To Death While Trying To Stop A Digger Driver


A woman was crushed to death while trying to stop a digger driver near her property by blocking the vehicle with her body.

The woman, Zhen Chung, 48, was attempting to stop the man from removing his machine from her property after allegedly damaging her home

The string of events leading to the tragedy began when the owner of the digger was sent to dig a trench as part of work in preparation for the laying of oil pipeline in the area. But neighbors of Zhen Chung, and her husband Yu, said the trench had been dug so close to their homes that is caused one of the walls to crack and sag outwards.

Angered at the damage to their property by the careless digger driver, they had cashes with the digger driver outside their home in the area. It was during this process that the woman tried to use her body as shield to stop the driver from moving the machine.

Chinese woman  crushed to death by a digger driver | Photo credit: DailyMail UK
Chinese woman crushed to death by a digger driver | Photo credit: DailyMail UK

The couple wielded pitchforks, using them to threaten the driver and force him to agree to pay compensation.

When he refused they chased him off and seized the digger. A week later and the row had still not been settled.

Owner of the digger, Yu Bin, 29, tried sneaking back to the Chung’s property in the early hours to recover the piece of heavy machinery using a second key.

“As soon as he started the engine he woke up the couple, and they ran outside shouting which woke some of us up as well,” neighbor Ye Meng, 40, said.

“When I got there I saw Chung standing in front of the digger and refusing to move to stop it getting away, and when the digger driver decided to try going backwards – his wife ran behind it and lay down on the ground.

“But the digger driver clearly didn’t see her, and ran over her body. Her distraught husband rushed up to her and held her hand but it was clear that she was dead.”


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