Underwater search to begin for the missing AirAsia

According to BBC reports, the search for the AirAsia flight QZ1850 which crashed into the sea last Sunday, is now set to move underwater, with the arrival of specialist equipments.

A French crash investigation team will use sensitive acoustic detection devices to try locate the plane’s “black box” flight recorder.

The Airbus which was flying from Surabaya in Indonesia to Singapore with 162 people on board when it suddenly went missing after the pilot’s request to move up a bit higher to get some clearer views from the cloudy weather.

As it is presently, no survivors have been found and the cause of the crash remains unknown, several bodies has been found on Friday.pmk

One person has been identified as passenger Hayati Lutfiah Hamid – her funeral was held in Surabaya on Thursday.

The plane is almost certainly at the bottom of the relatively shallow Java Sea.

Several pieces of debris have been recovered, including what is thought to be part of a wing flap.

But despite a massive five-day search the fuselage is still missing. Officials say most of the passengers could still be inside.


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