American man, 20, seriously gored by bull in Spain

A 20-year-old American who was badly gored during a bull-running festival is out of intensive care and improving, Spanish hospital officials said Monday.

Benjamin Miller of Georgia underwent a three-hour operation to repair damage to his thighs, sphincter and back muscles after being tossed and gored by a bull.

The 20-year-old is at a hospital in western Salamanca after being hurt at Ciudad Rodrigo’s Carnaval del Toro bullfighting festival yesterday.

bull 3Town councilor Pedro Munoz said two other unidentified men had sustained less serious goring injuries during Saturday’s events.

Town councilor Pedro Munoz said: ‘One man from Scotland and a Spaniard from Salamanca were also injured, the injured Scot is 46 and the wounded Spaniard is 31.

Munoz said somewhere between 45,000 and 50,000 people had been attracted over the weekend to this year’s four-day fiesta, that includes afternoon bullfights and bull-running events.


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