Africa Educational System, Enough Of The Mediocre!


Africa educational system the last may not have been heard about Africa as one of the continents in the world, and definitely is not going to be heard because the nation is poised to continue without letting up in making and discovering things that were erstwhile solely Westerners.

The continent has refused to remain an under dog for all times as most countries in Africa are beginning to take some closer looks into things that were before now, reserved for the White men as if there were their birthright. Pardon if I sounds a bit harsh for I don’t mean to do that.

The technological advances that are everywhere in the world today and which is spearheaded by the Oyibos, is a gift from the Creator to make things easy for man, but most people in Africa and other regions in world are not seeing things that way because of having the wrong believes that some are created to excel in life while others are meant to remain in the dark through out their life.

No! and far from accusing the white man for not using their abilities in bringing new technological inventions to the third world countries in Africa; they do and sometimes even risking their lives to have that achieved and few of the Africans are seeing things the way they are supposed to be.

Kudos to the generous genius from the western world for being that way. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! The question now, is not whether what we are seeing made possible by the technology real, but what are we doing about it? Are we in tune with the present realities or are we still steering at them from afar off, being satisfied at referring to them as an Oyibo man witch? You better wake up from your sleep!

Well, if you are still living in the past even as at this wiser age, you simply have to give way for those that are ready to make a headway in life; because like I started with in this article, the last has not been heard about Africa and Nigeria to be precise.

The White men who are going places with technological advancements are not in any way superior to we Blacks, only that they are tired of suffering unjustly while having the capabilities of doing some things about their situations; yes, they knew right from time, the value of education and they, not necessarily carried away by mediocrities of mere paper certificates, which most Africans today are proudly carrying about as a prestige.

An average White man’s sign of prestige, is his ability proffering practical solutions to things around them or inventing one by means of his educational qualifications. While it true that we all must not be tech savvy, it makes no different at all if we all get really serious with whatever we may be doing as individuals but, at the same time not to deny the impacts of the modern technology.

Technological education for our children today is not going to be out of place bearing in mind the overall benefits accruing from this sector and the earlier this interests is awaken in the Blacks, the better. We all knew for instance, how it was when GSM newly entered Nigeria. Many were apprehensive and are of the opinions that it would soon be out of the way while the old NITEL cables and NEPA high tension wires struggle for positions all over the major cities in the country.

But how true was that reasoning today? Those who keyed into the opportunity way back then are the very ones dictating the ways of the economy in the country today and the overall benefits of the GSM telecom industries still remain open for those with clear focus on its endless possibilities.

This great and wonderful platform that constantly keep people on the know both in the news and various business opportunities that has benefited many people even beyond the borders of Nigeria, is for sure, one of the many benefits of the modern technology which goes beyond the GSM phones and Internet connections that many people are making genuine living from.

With the modern technology, any serious individual can acquire knowledge that could turn him around and make him or her a notable person with great achievements. Taking some steps further in proving that only PHDs and are no longer going to be the yardsticks for making it in life, especially in African countries like Nigeria, over 10,000 young students in the country are currently undergoing training in a Robot-making Institution which would position them to be the African scientific entrepreneurial of tomorrow at ACI.

Enough of those empty theories which the Africa educational system has been known for. The founder of ACI, which is a non-profit educational institution, Mr. Olaoluwa Balogun, said that in line with this innovative move of turning young Nigerians’ attentions into good computer education, that they stand the chances of proving their worth technologically and maintaining up to date skills in the profession which is sure to take them beyond the average status of what are obtainable within tertiary institutions.

This Innovation which has been on since November 2015, is with the aim of training young Nigerians in making robots, graphics, animation, and software development. This move has benefited many including children from the orphanage homes across the country.

Robot practical demonstration in a Nigerian school | Photo credit:
Robot practical demonstration in a Nigerian school | Photo credit:

This program which would run till April 2016 is also intended to be introduced in some Universities in Nigeria and for good reason. How would that great and detailed science textbooks be if no one is there to put it into practical? Reading and writing are good but the realities of the present life demands more than that and that is the reason why the governments in Nigeria and other African countries has to stand up and take the bull by the horn in looking for and supporting good initiatives that are veered towards skill acquisitions through the modern day technological advancements.

Enough of chasing those empty shadows with mere papers and nothing upstairs, let’s call a history the old ideas of flouting school rules and manipulating our ways out of schools without any tangible skill.

Our achievements in school should always go beyond this | Photo credit:
Our achievements in school should always go beyond this | Photo credit:

Enough of those slang hindrance both in words and in actions known as “African time” Technology is here for some positive change and if we all agree that the days of slavery are over, let us then demonstrate it through our words and actions by not playing back into the hands of our former slave masters who are more than ready to have us back as one but no longer by coercion because we are the ones giving ourselves back to them.

If we claim to have passed through various higher institutions with no vocational certificate to back that ordinary paper with mere signatures, how then can we compete with a man who have both the papers and is equipped with skills to have them implemented both practically and otherwise. It is indeed a enough time Africa educational system leave the back seat and move closer to the front.


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