Adam Johnson Jailed For Six Years For Having $exual Relations With An Underage Girl

England soccer star and ex-Sunderland player Adam Johnson, has been jailed for six years for having s^x with an underage girl. Bradford Crown Court heard the $exual activity with the girl happened in the footballer’s Range Rover in January 2015 and that he had continued to engaged in $exual activity with her knowing she was under 16.

Judge Jonathan Rose told Adam Johnson that the “offences happened at a time when you were engaged in frequent $exual intercourse with multiple partners”. You wanted no-one to know that you and she were exchanging messages. You asked her to find a place to meet that was private and secluded so no-one would see you in her company. You made a deliberate decision to engage in $exual activity with this young girl, no doubt in the expectation that you would get away with it. Your future as a professional footballer must be in doubt.”


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