A Baby Was Born With 8 Limbs In India

A couple in India were happy that they would give birth to a bouncing baby not until the baby was born and they discovered that there new born baby  had four arms and four legs.

Some residents in eastern part of India have got different believe about the boy saying he is the reincarnation of a god.

However the child has been nicknamed “GOD BOY” by those Hindu worshiper who believed in Hindu supernatural beings since the gods of the Hindu religion are often described with multiple legs.

Police in that region confirmed that people travel from far just to take a look at the boy and mounting crowd of people  have given the police officials difficult work to contain the crowd.

Many who are believed to be Hindu worshiper are going crazy every time they see the boy.

However Medical experts believed that the child’s birth defect was an underdeveloped twin, a condition known as a parasitic twin, the  twin was never fully develops and is then partially encased in the living fetus.”

The family of the boy are thrilled with the attention they are getting and have thereby accepted that the boy is the son of “Brahma”, the Hindu god of creation often described with eight limbs.


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