$15.23 million spilled onto the street from bullion van on Xmas day


It was free for all on Christmas day for few citizens in Hong Kong as three boxes filled with dollars fell off the bullion van and spilling 15.23 Hong Kong dollars ($2.5USD) onto the street.

while some of people decided to be nice, many were not so nice as they scrambled to grab some quick cash for the last minutes Christmas shopping. Some taxi drivers and other motorists were not left out, a taxi man stopped at the middle of the road, opened his car doors and was seen scooping the dollars into his car, then he drove off with his root.

However, it wasn’t long before Police surrounded the area and drove off the rooters, recovering some cash with majority still missing.

According to Police statement, more than a dozen people have voluntarily returned back some of the money while police are still hunting for the rest. Up till now, more than 10 million Hong Kong dollars are still missing.

Two persons have so far been arrested in connection with the incident and will be charged to court for stealing money from the scene and keeping in their house. For the nice guys who voluntarily returned back their money, police says they may likely not press charges against them.

According to statement by G4S, the security company in charge of transporting the cash “G4S vehicles have in place a number of systems to prevent such occurrences and G4S has commenced an immediate investigation into the causes of the incident,” the statement said. “We will take urgent steps to prevent any similar cases happening again in the future.”

Watch the video below to see what happened on the scene


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