10 Weird Facts About Maldives You Need To Know

Facts about Maldives
Maldives celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March 2015 at Thila restaurant at Kurumba Maldives | photo credit: Maldives.com

There are many weird facts about Maldives but we will take a look a ten of it. Maldives is an island country in the Indian Ocean and is the smallest Asian country in land area and in population. Its estimated 2014 population is 394,000, who live on a total land area of just 298 square kilometers (206th in the world). The official language is Dhiveh.

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Weird Facts About Maldives

This ten weird facts about Maldives is not weird but also funny especially number 3 and 5.

1. Rampant Marriage/Divorce Cases

Officially marriage is at age 18.  But most women marry by 15.  Because of very liberal divorce rules, most women above 30 have been married at least four times or even more.  Census '77 confirmed this.

2. Foreigners For Certain Jobs

Written in 1997, the Maldives constitution specifies that citizens must be Muslim.  Convert and you lose your right to citizenship!

Maldives' religious traditions are so stiff that foreign are encouraged to come in for certain job.  These are especially in tourist destinations and resorts.  That way, it is believed citizens won't come in contact with questionable items and activities.

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3. Deny And Escape Conviction

Maldives to religious laws supersedes the secular.  Anyone found guilty of adultery faces public flogging.
Unfortunately, victims are mostly women!  In 2006, of the 184 such floggings, only 38 were men!
Only not-so-smart men face it.  Smart men only need to deny the allegation and walk away free!

4. Youthful Population

Nearly half of Maldivian population is young.  Young in this case is anywhere between childhood and just 15 years of age!

5. Coconut In Detention

Supernatural beliefs are rife in Maldives!  This includes beliefs in black and white magic. Once in 2013 a coconut was locked up in detention by the police.

This was because the said coconut was said to be loitering and acting suspicious during a presidential election!

Opposition reported to the police that the coconut had been placed there to rig the election!

6. To Swim Or Not To Swim

There is a so-called artificial lake in which you could swim if you want.  However, you must be appropriately dressed to take a dip.  Strictly no bikinis!

7. Alcohol Not Fully Prohibited

The Maldivian law is strictly Islamic.  That means no pork and no alcohol.  But you can have alcohol in the resorts.  And these are located on the same island of Maldives!

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8. Not A Muslim, No Vote

Unless you are a Muslim, you cannot be a citizen of Maldives.  And if you car not a citizen, you certainly cannot vote.

9. Immodest Dressing Disparaged

Maldivians do openly disparage any dressing that leaves a woman's body open.  Extremists even go as far as actually spiting at any woman wearing such a dress!

10. No Eating With Left Hand

Being Islamic, eating with the left hand is seen as odd.  In fact, some believe that it is satanic. Also, being Islamic, they hardly use toilet paper after using the toilet.  They wash...with their left hands.  So eating with the left is seen as unhygienic!

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