Celebrity Investors That Outsmarted The Insiders

Will Smith


Credit: Will Smith

What you might not know about this famous actor is that he is also a savvy businessman. Smith took a business-minded approach to his movie projects, uncovering patterns in the top grossing movies – such as special effects, love stories, and creatures – and then picking movies that had these ingredients. His first two movies, “Men in Black” and “Independence Day” were based on this model and were wildly successful. Smith’s films have grossed $4 billion worldwide. He went on to co-found Overbrook Entertainment in the late 90s. In 2005, Will Smith and his wife invested in the black cosmetic line, “Carol’s Daughter”. In 2013, Smith invested in BioBeats which develops programs based on clinical medicine, consumer wellness, and entertainment. In the same year, he invested $5.7 million in Chromatik, a digital learning platform. These are only a few of his nine investments.

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