Celebrity Investors That Outsmarted The Insiders

MC Hammer


Credit: @MC HAMMER

Stanley Kirk Burrell AKA MC Hammer was a 90’s rap icon who made a fortune, lost it, and  then made an entrepreneurial comeback. He is now an investor in many different tech companies. In the 90’s he was earning $31 million, with his third album, “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em,” remains one of the genre’s all-time best-selling albums. Bankruptcy followed in 1996, due to excessive spending. But he bounced back and is now an active limited partner (LP) in Leesburg, Va.-based SWaN & Legend Venture Partners whose investments include: Cava Mezze Grill, Optoro, Quad Learning and BigTeam. Hammer co-created a successful Internet dance site called DanceJam.com. He is the CEO of a sports-management firm. He has also lectured on the uses of social media at both Harvard and Stanford.

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