The Salary Structure Of Nigerian Army

Having known the security problem we are facing as a result of Boko Haram insurgency specifically at the north east region of the country. It bleeds my heart that our Nigerian Army who have chosen to sacrifice their lives in other to restore peace and unity in our country goes home with a stipend as their monthly salary.


Here Is The Salary Structure Of Our Noble Nigerian Army

Private Soldier – N48/49,000
Lance Corporal- N54/55,000
Corporal – N58,000
Sergeant- N63,000
Staff Sergeant- N68,000
Warrant Officer- N80,000
Master Warrant Officer= N90,000

Note: It varies base on the  year of service.

Nigerian Army Salary Structure For Officers Monthly

2Lt :N120,000

Lt. :N180,000

capt. :N220,000


Lt col : N350 ,000

COL :N550,000

Brig Gen; N750,000

Maj Gen :N950,000

Lt Gen : N1,000 000


Government should please look into the salary of Nigerian soldiers, they deserve more than this.


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  1. Those men in uniform surposed to be the highest paid because they risk their life everyday for us. Tell those lazy law-makers to do the right thing.

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