Meet the ex-factory worker who is now China’s richest woman

A former factory worker who was once earning less than $150 a month has been crowned China’s richest woman.

Zhou Qunfei, 45, has gone from rags to riches to become another of the Far East’s many success stories.

Born into a poor family in China’s central Hunan province, the determined businesswoman-turned-billionaire went from working the factory floor in an assembly line at a glass manufacturing company to eventually owning her own business — which has netted her a fortune worth more than $7.4 billion, according to Forbes.

Qunfei used her extensive knowledge of the glass-making business to her advantage as she branched out and set up her own company in 2003, which she called Lens Technology.

The company quickly blossomed and expanded in size and area over the last decade — attracting clients such as Apple and Samsung along the way.

Supplying glass covers for their electronic gadgets such as smartphones, computers and cameras, Zhou’s wealth skyrocketed. She eventually became so rich that Forbes propelled her past uber-rich real estate investor Chan Laiwa — who is estimated to be worth $7.1 billion.

Lens Technology recently supplied glass for the much-anticipated Apple Watch, which will be on shelves April 24.

China has a record 213 residents on the 2015 Forbes Billionaires List.

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