How to Increase your Twitter Followers (Hot Tips)

How to increase your Twitter followers is a difficult question many have been asking, yet it’s simple if you follow this practical hot tips. Twitter is one of the most desirable social network site for promoting brands and businesses. If your business isn’t on Twitter, you aren’t in business! If you are not on twitter, you are missing out on one of the world’s biggest meeting point on the internet.

This article will provide you more than enough resources to get started on Twitter the right way and Increase your followers. It is important that you bookmark this page for future references as more and more resources will be added in due course. Now, let’s go!

How do you get started with Twitter and build reasonable audiences for yourself, your brand or business? First, you need to get started. And starting is not just enough, you need to get started the right way.

Set up your profile the right way — Your Twitter profile is your own Twitter domain, you need to set it up in a correct way. Make sure your Twitter handle (@yourname) represents your business as close as possible. Example – our first choice of Twitter handle is @Constative but since we could not lay our hands on that which is our exact brand name, we decided to go for something as close as possible, and that is @Constatives. Fill up every necessary information about your business and leave nothing undone.

Follow people and businesses you admire — According to the AddThis blog post, The best way to learn “Twitter etiquette” is by following the right people. “Start searching for brands you admire, people/influencers in your space, even friends in your contact list to start making your new Twitter presence known.” the writer said.

Engage with the right content — Do the obvious things – engage with contents that interests you. Avoid being bottled up in your own little world, retweet other people’s tweets, join in #Hashtag conversations, look for trending subjects that you are most interested in and join the conversations.

Nobody whats to follower inactive, uninteresting Twitter user, making yourself as active and interesting as possible. These more than anything else will attract new followers to you.

Tweet as much as you can — It is not just enough to join other people’s conversations on Twitter, create your own conversation – tweet! The article on AddThis blog beautifully puts it this way – “Got good content on your blog? Tweet it! See an interesting article that’s relevant to your audience? Tweet it! Have a cool picture from your last event? Tweet it!”

Try as much as possible to make your tweet meaningful, understanding that you are tweeting to human being. People are more likely to be engaged with your tweet and follow you, when your tweet is witty and meaningful.

Promote your handle — Engaging with users right on Twitter is by far the best ways to get your new Twitter profile noticed and increase your followership, it is also as important to promote your handle on your website if you have a site or blog. Get the Twitter follow button and embed it on a strategic part of your site where people can easily notice it and follow you.

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