Facebook users can now use their account even after death

Facebook now allow it users to use their account in their life-time and after-life.

The biggest social network introduces a new feature on Thursday called “legacy contact”. The feature is design in way that you can select a specific Facebook friend or family member who will be able to control certain aspects of your page, like your profile and header image, after you die.

Facebook says its users wanted more choice. Beginning in the U.S., Facebook users can now pick a “legacy contact” to post on their page after they die, respond to new friend requests and update their profile picture and cover photo. Users can also have their accounts deleted after their death, which was not possible before.

Facebook has fielded “hundreds of thousands” of requests since the social media site began memorializing pages in 2007, Jodi Seth, a spokeswoman for Facebook, said.

“We heard from family members who wanted to post funeral information or download and preserve photos,” Callison-Burch said. “We realized there was more we could do.”

Facebook is also making changes to the appearance of these memorialized accounts, which will now have a “remembering” label before the name to let others know it’s an account of someone who has since passed away.

The legacy contact setting is available to users in the U.S now and will eventually roll out in more countries, though specific timing is unclear.


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