2017 Cars On the Road to Becoming Highly Valued Collectibles


Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

Ferrari LaFerrari Apertalaurenfix

This 3.4 million dollar car, is a convertible version, of a previously released Ferrari model. Very few were made, making this car rare.  It has already been sold out. Limited edition Ferraris like these have been known to sell for many millions more than their original price. If you got a few million to spend, pick up this car to make a few more…

Dodge Viper 1:28 Edition ACR

Dodge Viper 1:28 Edition ACRautowp

Estimated at $120,000, this new edition of the Dodge Viper can hit 60mph in 3 seconds, and reach up to 200 mph. It is the last edition of the Dodge Viper to ever be produced, making it a collector’s dream. It is a strong possibility this car will be worth much more in the future.


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