Why US Olympic Swimmer, Ryan Lochte Lied About Rio Robbery

US Olympic Swimmer, Ryan Lochte lied about being robbed at a gunpoint at Shell gas station on a night out in Rio earlier this month just to cover up for his disgraceful act.

Brazilian authorities say the American swimmers actually vandalized a gas station and then got into an heated argument with security guards there.

It all started when the swimmer and three of his team-mates returned to the Olympic village after a late night out in Rio. In their attempt to use the locked toilet at the garage they urinated on a wall outside the station instead.

Then the security guards, took out their weapons and told the Americans to pay for the damage before leaving. The swimmer later described the story at the gas station as robbery incident .

In an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, he asked him why he didn’t tell the whole truth? Lochte said: “I don’t know why,” Lochte responded. “It was still hours after the incident happened. I was still intoxicated. I’m not making an excuse, I’m not doing that at all, and I shouldn’t have said that. I over-exaggerated that part, and the gun was drawn but not at my forehead. It was towards my general direction as you can see in the surveillance video.”

Lochte also gave his “deepest apologies to the people of Brazil. They put on a great Games. The people of Rio, the people of Brazil, they put on a great Games, and my immature, intoxicated behavior tarnished that a little. And I don’t want that. I hope they can accept my apology.”

Ryan Lochte have now lose all his major sponsors for fabricating Rio robbery Speedo, Polo Ralph Lauren, Gentle Hair Removal and mattress maker Airweave have so far announced that they would be cutting ties with Lochte.


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