To all the Ronaldo haters and Messi fanboys

To all the Ronaldo haters and Messi fanboys: You are in denial! I’m not going to deny being a Ronaldo fan, I’m Portuguese and a Man U fan, so I am a big fan, but also a critic. I swear at Ronaldo from my couch regularly.First of all, many of you pretend like Ronaldo’s career started when he arrived at Madrid. He has been fantastic since he took the number 7 at Manchester in 2003 at 18 years old. Captivating the world in 2004 Euro and 2006 World Cup. He did not just show up on the scene in 2008, and then go to Madrid.Let’s break down Messi-Ronaldo debate a bit.

Ronaldo and Messi were behind Kaka in 2007 for FIFA Player of the Year and the Ballon d’Or. In 2008 it was Ronaldo’s year. Then between 2009-2012 Messi was voted on top. In 2013 Ronaldo finally reclaimed the title from Messi and is on pace to win it again.

Messi in 2009 deserved it, Barcelona defeated Man U with Messi scoring in the Champions League final. Interesting enough, this is the first year Messi outscores Ronaldo.

In 2010 was the only year Ronaldo was not in the top 3 for Ballon d’Or, facing injury and adapting to his new club. Ronaldo still managed 33 goals and 7 assists in 35 matches, compared to Messi’s 47 goals and 11 assists in 53 matches. Despite coming to a new league and club, Ronaldo still managed an amazing goal per game ratio. Messi won titles, Ronaldo did not. 2010 was Spain’s World Cup victory, first time in Spanish history. It also is when Inter Milan won the Champions League, defeating Barca on the way. So a Spanish player or Sneijder and Robben for Netherlands performance were all possible winners.

In 2011 Messi won the Ballon d’Or based on trophies yet again, because Ronaldo broke the Pachichi with 40 goals and they were tied for all competition goals at 53. Messi had more Champions League goals, won La Liga. Messi won the Champions League and La Liga among other lesser silverware. I believe Messi deserved it this year, but there was a case for Ronaldo.

In 2012 Messi yet again won the Ballon d’Or, but this time Messi did not win one major trophy, Ronaldo won La Liga. Goals, Messi had 4 more than Ronaldo in La Liga, but overall broke Muller’s calendar year goal record. I believe that this year was close, both scored a ton of goals and broke records. Even Pele said Ronaldo was robbed of the Ballon d’Or in 2012.

In 2013 there was no one on Ronaldo’s level. This year maybe a German deserves it, but like Spain, they have no superstar who carried the team. Ronaldo on the other hand is coming off a record breaking year and a Champions League title.

So all along, every single year, Ronaldo has been competing at “Messi’s level” that is supposedly in a different dimension. If it were in a different dimension, then how did Ronaldo stay neck to neck with him throughout the years?

Ronaldo has been hated on, unfairly, due to team bias, personal preference or just strait up don’t like the guy. It doesn’t change what he has accomplished year after year at such a high level.


6 thoughts on “To all the Ronaldo haters and Messi fanboys

  1. Obviously, u’ve aready agreed that messi is bigger than cr7, ur point will obviously nt change messi’s lover’s mind, so wait till jan. I’ll prefer it goes to Neur though, just like I would have preferred it went to ribery last year. There is nothing else the duo could do to dethrone these two ‘monsters’

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